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2008-2009 Season

Read the 2008-09 Season statement: Play is the Thing.

What Is To Be Dead? (Philosophical Scenes)

What Is To Be Dead?

September 26 – October 26, 2008

Time spins out of control, shifting between Russia in the early 20th century and Harlem a hundred years later; characters change identities; and every answer opens into a new question.


This Is Your Ridiculous Life!!

Saturdays, July 18 & 25, August 1 & 8, 2009

Audience members brave the stage for an impromptu conversation with a therapist. On the spot, the Castillo Players transform their life stories into improvised scenes. Hilarity ensues. Lather, rinse and repeat. Don't miss the triumphant return of Castillo's most ridiculous offering!


Young Playwrights From Castillo

Young Playwrights

November 14 - December 14, 2008

For the first time ever, Castillo presents a series of new plays — entertaining, experimental and developmental — by young, socially-engaged playwrights and directors new to the Castillo stage.


Coming of Age in Korea

Coming of Age in Korea

January 16 - March 1, 2009

It's the end of the Korean War and three young GIs from New York City, one Latino, one Black and one Jewish, confront the harassment of the brass, the racism of the military and the brutality of the United States occupation of South Korea. Coming of Age in Korea also features music by Fred Newman and Grammy-nominated composer Annie Roboff that takes us on a journey through the "coming of age" of American popular music -- blues, swing, doo-wop, rock and country.


A Season in the Congo

A Season in the Congo

March 6-April 5, 2009

A Season in the Congo is an epic drama about a major turning point in the Cold War and in the history of Africa, the CIA-engineered assassination of Patrice Lumumba, leader of the independence movement of the Congo. It is one of the few plays written by the late Aimé Césaire, one of the great surrealist poets of the 20th century and a founder of the Negritude Movement.


Poetry Snap: Word on the Street

Poetry Snap

Saturdays, July 18 & 25, August 1 & 8, 2009

Hear hot young poets from the streets of New York City spitting their latest rhymes in the new Lobby Theatre at the All Stars Project on 42nd Street. All-new poems and raps are woven into an evening of stimulating theatre by an ensemble of socially-engaged poet/performers from the youth programs of the All Stars Project



June 12 - 28, 2009

Hamletmachine explores late 20th century Western culture, in a richly poetic and layered text. Heiner Müller’s masterpiece borrows from Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot and Jean-Luc Godard, among others. (He was “sampling” before there was such a thing!) This innovative production featuring a multi-racial, multi-generational cast is under the direction of Viennese theatre director, Müller scholar, and Castillo founder, Eva Brenner. If you like your theatre teasing the imagination and pushing the envelope, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind international collaboration.


All Stars Hip-Hop Cabaret

All Stars Hip Hop Cabaret

August 28 - September 19, 2009

Hip-hop Cabaret is a new theatre form, drawing on emerging talent from the All Stars Talent Show Network, and melding the provocation of European political cabaret with the creativity and energy of hip-hop. The result is an edgy and entertaining mix of song, dance, rap and spoken word, created by the young performers themselves, that springs from the streets of New York with something important to say to the world.