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2012-2014 SEASON

"I Know How to Love"

Read the Season Statement here. 

Children of Killers

September 21 - October 28, 2012

Fifteen years after the genocide in Rwanda, many of the mass murderers are being released from prison and are returning to their villages. Their teenage children, who grew up without them, must now come to terms with their fathers' legacies. Will they carry on the heritage of hate or will they resist the weight of that history? This Castillo production will be the play's American premiere. Emily Mendelsohn will direct.

Katori Hall's play The Mountaintop won an Olivier Award for best new play in 2010 and was performed to sold-out houses on Broadway this past fall by Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett.




The Proverbial Loons


Selected Fridays and Saturdays all season

Musical Comedy Improv at Castillo

Musical Improv Comedy on most Saturday evenings throughout the season!
Meet the Proverbial Loons, Castillo's new comedy improv troupe. Veterans of New York's and Castillo's stages, come together with some new faces to create new material each night. Audience members can volunteer and watch their lives transformed into a zany musical! Or just watch and enjoy the show. It's gonna be ridiculous – and wonderfully entertaining.



Sowa's Red Gravy

October 18 through November 18, 2012

A presentation of Woodie King Jr.'s New Federal Theatre in association with the Castillo Theatre

Sowa’s Red Gravy is a play of southern “mulebone” folklore, with unforgettable characters like Windy Willow, Sapphire and Luwanna. It is narrated by Sowa, a 110-year old wise woman, who resides in Harlem in quantum time. Sowa recounts her life before the emancipation and claims to have lived many lives as varied as a white Hollywood film star, an African Warrior and a Louisiana Voodoo Queen. Written by Diane Richards and directed by Woodie King, Jr. Featuring Lonette McKee.

Demonstration 2013

February 23 through March 10, 2013

Under the direction of David Nackman, Demonstration 2013 incorporates song, poetry, documentary footage, oral history, and selections from Castillo’s repertoire of theatrical productions, to examine the legacy of the cultural and political movements of the 1960s. The play is a family photo album of sorts, telling stories of the activists who helped build Castillo and the unique independent performance community from which Castillo emerged and which Castillo has helped shape over the last four decades. With roots in the Epic Theatre of Erwin Piscator and Bertolt Brecht, Demonstration 2013 draws its inspiration from three previous “Demonstration” pieces conceived by the late Fred Newman, Castillo’s artistic director and playwright-in-residence from 1989 to 2005.

The cast is composed of seasoned stage performers working side-by-side with Castillo volunteers and activists and graduates of the Youth Onstage! Community Performance School. The production is anchored by Ava Jenkins, winner of the 2012 AUDELCO “Viv” Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her role as Sally Hemings in the Castillo production of Sally and Tom (The American Way).

Plenty of Time

April 4 through May 5, 2013

By John Shévin Foster    Directed Jackie Alexander
A production of Woodie King Jr.'s New Federal Theatre in association with the Castillo Theatre.

In 1968, Black Panther member Corey (22) and debutante Christina (17) meet in Oak Bluffs, a Black section of Martha's Vineyard. Despite their differences, the two share a night of passion. In conversation the morning after, the details of their conflicting worlds unfold. For the next thirty-three years they meet annually to continue their sometimes illicit affair. Each time they return to the same private beach house and bring with them their personal growth and experiences, as well as the effects of ongoing social and political changes in the diaspora of American history. Starring Jackie Alexander and Traci Tolmaire.


Carmen's Place (A Fantasy)

April 26 - June 16, 2013 (No performance Memorial Day weekend)

Carmen's Place (A Fantasy) is a musical like no other. Carmen is a young waitress who grew up Puerto Rican and working class in the projects behind Lincoln Center. She's been in love with her boyfriend, José, a beat cop, since they were 10. One day, three young opera singers, on a break from rehearsal for the opera, Carmen, come in to the Opera Diner where she works and strike up an unlikely friendship with Carmen. A new romance is sparked. Will Carmen, José, and their new friends fall under the spell of the drama and tragedy of the opera? Or can they create a new kind of love? Carmen’s Place features an original pop score by Annie Roboff and Fred Newman, and in its show-within-the-show, some of the best-loved and familiar operatic numbers ever performed. Directed by AUDELCO Award winner Gabrielle L. Kurlander,  Carmen's Place will only be delighting audiences for a few more weeks. So don't miss it!



Performing Fred Newman: A Tribute Marathon of Plays

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Join a 12-hour performance celebration of the life and theatre work of Fred Newman. Newman, who passed away in July 2011, was the Castillo Theatre's artistic director for 16 years. Professional actors and directors will share the stage with community members, as many of Newman's 44 politically-engaged plays will be read. Potluck snacks will keep the actors and audience well-fed.

The marathon is FREE, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hip-Hop Explosion Workshop

August 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 2013

The Hip-Hop Explosion workshop brings together two vital aspects of Castillo Theatre tradition — hip-hop and Heiner Müller. Using the German avant-garde playwright’s text Description of a Picture/Explosion of a Memory as a spark, this workshop production explodes into playful song, dance, and rap, directed by Madelyn Chapman and Antoine “RL” Joyce. For those who love hip-hop or avant-garde theatre — or anyone who likes being entertained while being engaged — the Hip-Hop Explosion is a must-see.