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Carmen's Place (A Fantasy)

April 26 - June 16, 2013 

A musical like no other! Carmen is a young waitress who grew up Puerto Rican and working class in the projects behind Lincoln Center. She's been in love with her boyfriend, José, a beat cop, since they were 10. One day, three young opera singers, on a break from rehearsal for the opera, Carmen, come in to the Opera Diner where she works. They strike up an unlikely friendship with Carmen. A new romance is sparked. Will Carmen, José, and their new friends fall under the spell of the drama and tragedy of the opera? Or can they create a new kind of love? Carmen’s Place features an original pop score by Annie Roboff and Fred Newman, and in its show-within-the-show, some of the best-loved and most familiar operatic numbers ever performed. Directed by AUDELCO Award winner Gabrielle L. Kurlander, Carmen's Place will only be delighting audiences for a few more weeks. So don't miss it!




Book and Lyrics by Fred Newman
Directed by Gabrielle Kurlander
Music by Fred Newman and Annie Roboff
With excerpts from Carmen (Music by Georges Bizet, words by H. Meilhac and L.Halevy, translated by Deborah Green)
Musical direction by Sinai Tabak, Michael Walsh

The Cast (in order of appearance) 
Karen Allen/Carmen    Stephanie Harter Gilmore 
Maestro Malini/Cook  David Woodrow 
Don Noble/Don Jose  Dory Schultz 
Placido Quesara/Escamillo  Seán Kroll 
Carmen Ortiz  Gabrielle Flores 
José Lugo  Gabriel Kerr 

Producer    John Rankin
Assistant Director    Ben Pruisner
Stage Manager    Jajmi Robinson
Musical Arranger/Sound Design    David Belmont
Choreographer    Lonné Morreton
Costume Supervisor    EmilieCharlotte
Set Design    Joseph Spirito
Lighting Design    Gertjan Houben
Musical Director    Sinai Tabak, Michael Walsh

Assistant Producers Jessy Cheng, Kimberly Chin, Rosalynn Evans, Aaron Hanson, Christian Rodriguez
Musicians Brent Arnold, David Belmont, Gerry McCord, Premik Russell Tubbs, Michael Walsh , Arnie Wise
Costume Shop Team: Donna Donnor, John Albert Figueroa, Lauren Feiner, Yvonne Romero, Ashley Palacios, Airton, Nief Abraham
Assistant Costume Designer Kerry Gibbons
Wardrobe Supervisor: Rosalynn Evans
Wardrobe Assistants:  Anne Cruys, Starshima Trent, Judy Wang, Najuma Weeks
Scenic Artists: Chris Howard, Joseph Spirito, Jen Varbalow
Scenic Shop Crew: Carmelo Citera, Sandy Friedman, Aaron Hanson, Kenneth Horgan, Christopher Howard, Michael Jacobi, Caitlin McGuire, Liam Riordan, Ramik Rivers, Joseph Spirito
Electricians: Joseph Errante, Chris Howard, Erich Loetterle
Lighting Operators: Michael Conrad, Quin , Britt Goodman
Sound Operators: Aaron Hanson, Christopher Howard, Christian Rodriguez
Stage Hands: Brandon Bridgett, Vinceht Gchanglarth, Christian Rodriguez, Christopher Nicholson, Kimberly Chin Liam Riordan
Photographers: Kimberly Chin, Ron Glassman
Graphic Design David Nackman