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Mr. Hirsch Died Yesterday

by Fred Newman
Directed by Woodie King, Jr. 

This semi-autobiographical work, set in the Bronx of the 1940s, was Fred Newman's first full-length play, originally produced in 1986. Playing with philosophy, theatrical forms and storytelling, Mr. Hirsch Died Yesterday explores human identity and shared history when a Jewish writer named Fred meets an African American woman named Freda and find they share more than childhood memories. Can two people have the same history?

Cast: Lindsay Arber, Dana Berger, Debbie Buchsbaum, Lenora B. Fulani, Zoë Geltman, Joseph Mallon, Reynaldo Piniella, Ben Prayz, Katya Pucci, Moshe Yassur

Design and Technical Team: David Belmont (Sound design), Carolyn Adams and Emilie Charlotte (Costumes), John Eckert (Lighting), Joseph Spirito (Sets and video)