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Outing Wittgenstein

Written by: Fred Newman

Directed by: Dan Friedman


October 20 - December 10, 2006

When brilliant and repressed Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein meets up with his gay alter ego "Wiggy" on a reality TV show, nothing will ever be the same. Fred Newman's Outing Wittgenstein takes us on a wacky romp from Vienna to Central Park with plenty of laughs, a little romance, and some really deep thinking along the way! Don't miss this Castillo Theatre classic, Outing Wittgenstein, opening on October 20 — it's outta this world!





Who's Who
Actors:                  James Arden
                            Natasha Danielian
                            Drummond Doroski
                            Athena Freedlander
                            Emily Gerstell
                            Luis Gomez
                            Daniel Gurian
                            Kenneth Hughes
                            Paul C. Newport
                            Michael Padilla
                            Gary Patent
                            Morgan Scott
                            Christine Tracy-Garrison
                            Serge Velez