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Playing with Heiner Müller

Texts by Heiner Müller, with songs by Fred Newman
Directed by gabrielle L. Kurlander, Choreography by Lonné Morreton

November 5 – December 12, 2010

Meet Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Hamlet, Ophelia, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Bertolt Brecht, talk show host Sally McNally, all part of a virtual parade of 76 characters – famous, infamous and fictional - and all played by a talented and spirited ensemble of five actors. This startling theatrical montage with 17 songs and raps, is the Castillo Theatre’s latest foray into material by Heiner Müller, the East German playwright/poet who enraged the authorities before the Berlin wall came down, but never defected or repudiated communism.

Performed by an all-Black ensemble of five extraordinary actors (Keldrick Crowder, Fulton Hodges, Ava Jenkins, Sylenia Lewis and John Rankin) Playing with Heiner Müller tears down the iron curtain between drama and comedy, the personal and the political, the modern and the postmodern, Black theatre and the avant-garde.

Cast: Keldrick Crowder, Fulton Hodges, Ava Jenkins, Sylenia Lewis, and John Rankin

Design and Technical Team: Lonné Moretton (Choreography), Joseph Spirito (Set and Video Design), EmilieCharlotte (Costume Design), Rachelle Beckerman (Lighting Design), David Belmont (Music Arranger), Michael Walsh (Musical Director), Sean McCain (Stage Manager), and Antoine RL Joyce (Assistant Director)