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Castillo Theatre 2014-15 Season Statement

Will It Ever Happen?

We open our 2014-2015 season with a production close to our heart. Fred Newman and Annie Roboff’s stirring musical Still on the Corner looks at the impact of the ever-growing gaps of wealth and opportunity in America. “Will It Ever Happen?” sings the show's ensemble, a community of the homeless living on the streets of New York’s Upper West Side. Will it ever change for us? Neither the play nor Castillo offer easy answers. What we do offer are new ways of seeing ourselves and the world, and the possibility of being able to create new performances onstage and off. 

Our friends at the New Federal Theatre are presenting Karimah’s Accept "Except" LGBT NY, which raises questions of freedom and the consequences of losing our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Two 20-year-olds, one from 1741 and the other from 2014, both of whom have been judged, scorned, and persecuted for being themselves, are brought together while being pursued by angry mobs. Later in the season, New Federal brings us Gino Dilorio’s provocative exploration of morality and profit, Reparation, about a real estate deal that lands in trouble when the site is discovered to be a slave burial ground.

Castillo is not just the theater on 42 Street where you sit now. Castillo is theatre for the whole city, and Castillo productions are also happening all year round in high school auditoriums, community centers, churches and schools. The 2014-15 Castillo mix includes its hallmark hip-hop All Star talent shows in communities around the city, musical comedy improv performed by the Proverbial Loons, our political play readings series, and our annual tribute, “Performing Fred Newman.” These, along with the every-other-week Operation Conversation: Cops & Kids community workshops and twice-yearly public demonstration of Cops & Kids, are some of what Castillo is producing this season.

Key to making all this possible is you — our audience and donors, and the volunteers who make sales calls, run the box office, work tech and costume, build sets, perform as house staff and appear in our shows.Will it ever happen? It’s as good a question now as ever, and we still can’t know the answer. What we can do is perform. Thank you for joining us and helping to create Castillo together.