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Performing Fred Newman: A Tribute Marathon of Plays

7 PM Friday, January 27 through 9 PM Saturday, January 28, 2012

Join a 26-hour performance celebration of the life and theatre work of Fred Newman. Newman, who passed away in July 2011, was the Castillo Theatre's artistic director for 16 years. Professional actors and directors will share the stage with community members, as most — if not all — of Newman's 44 politically-engaged plays will be read. Potluck snacks will keep the actors and audience well-fed.

The marathon is FREE, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.




Marathon Reading Tribute Schedule

as of 1/24/12     

 NOTE: Schedule is subject to change.   Start times are approximate and may shift (in one direction or the other).


Friday, January 27

7:00 p.m.             Naming ceremony


7:15 p.m.             Still on the Corner       Directed by David Nackman

Brother Dugy                                Fulton C. Hodges
Cecilia Hardy                                Cece Waterman-Santiago
Sister T-La                                    L. Thecla Farrell
Crazy Charlie                                David Nackman
Emily                                            Thyais Walsh
Mrs. Herman                                 Cathy Rose Salit
Mrs. Rosen                                   Gabrielle L. Kurlander
Mr. Woody                                    Craig Pattison
Pam Kansas                                 Pamela A. Lewis


8:30 p.m.             The Store: One Block East of Jerome     Directed by Mary Fridley

Paula Brownell                               Cece Waterman-Santiago
Carmela Petrelli                              Madelyn Chapman
Joey C                                          Craig Pattison                                
Marvin K                                        Andy Parker
Mrs. Petrelli                                   Rebecca Leifman


9:20 p.m.             Lenin’s Breakdown     Directed by Dan Friedman

Psychiatrist                                    Jeff Fader
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin                        Jim Horton
Detroit                                            Antoine “RL” Joyce
Elizabeth K                                     Marian Rich
“Red” Emma Goldman                     Caitlin McGuire
Leon Trotsky                                  Pamela A. Lewis
Edie                                               Zenobia Shroff


10:30 p.m.            Backstage (A Love-Hate Story of the Women’s Movement)    Directed by David Nackman

Susan B. Anthony                           Gabrielle L. Kurlander
Elizabeth Cady Stanton                   Judith Malina / Madelyn Chapman
Frederick Douglass                         John Rankin, III
Voices                                           Sue Davies, Margo Grant, Olivia Hartle, Paul Hertel, Jim Horton, Jessica Marta, Andy Parker, Liam Riordan

11:50 p.m.            The Story of Truth     Directed by Doug Balder & Bonny Gildin

Featuring members of Fred Newman’s Developmental Philosophy Group: Jeff Aron, Doug Balder, David Belmont, Jessie Fields, Bonny Gildin, Nancy Hanks, Chris Helm, Harry Kresky, Sarah Lyons, J.B. Opdycke, Jan Wootten, Shatzi Weisberger, Baylah Wolfe


Saturday, January 28

12:25-4:20 a.m.         

Off-Broadway Melodies of 1592
No Room for Zion
Outing Wittgenstein
Risky Revolutionary
Salvador (Fictional Conversations)
Sessions with Jesus (the Story of Greatness, Ever Told)

Featuring the Castillo Theatre Staff


4:25 a.m.                Nothing Really Happens (Memories of Aging Strippers)   MOVIE SHOWING


6:00 a.m.                A never-before heard tele-script:   Spatial Problems

6:20 a.m.                Revising Germany     Directed by Madelyn Chapman

Emcee                                        Ellen Korner 
Lotte Lenya                                 Lotte Lenya (recording)
Ruth Berlau                                 Melissa Osborn
Helene Weigel                             Vicky Wallace
Margarete Steffin                         Homa Hynes
Elisabeth Hauptmann                   Mary Round
Heiner Muller                               Craig Bannister
Bertolt Brecht                              Fulton C. Hodges
Dwight Eisenhower                      Jeff Aron
Mamie Eisenhower                      Emilie Charlotte Knoerzer


7:40 am                  Left of the Moon     Directed by Vicky Wallace           

Rylie Shall                                  Alice Rydel
Hannah Cohen                            Cathy Stewart
Ted Little                                    Tom Williams
Holiday Hill                                  Franceli Chapman
Geology Major                             Jeffrey Weiss
Professor Paul Heller                   John Albert Figueroa
Narrator(s)                                   Yvonne Lee, Gail Peck, Liam Riordan, Madge Romain


8:40 a.m.                Crown Heights     Directed by Michael Alcide

Jewish Chorus                             Kristina Acheampong, Nickheisa Ewan, George Hawkins, Reynaldo Piniella
Black Chorus                               Donique Banks, Darnelle Cadet, Aadanis Dempster, Chris Elian, Tomaria Morgan, Shante Plowden
Rabbi Meyerson                           Wilbenson Eugene
Yohuda R.                                   George Pedraza
Tynell                                          Michael Alcide
Stella Horowitz                             Andrea Harrison
Stage directions                           Greg Larose


9:25 am                  Stealin’ Home     Directed by David Chapman

Pee Wee                                     David Nackman
Sojourner                                     Christine Garrison-Tracy
Jackie Robinson                           Emmitt H. Thrower
Sports announcers                        Ed Brady


10:50 a.m.              Safe at Third     Directed by Mary Fridley

Albert Einstein                              David Nackman
Josh Gibson                                 Keldrick Crowder
Otto René Castillo                         George Pedraza
Amelia Earhart                              Gabrielle L. Kurlander
Amelia’s Mom/stage directions       Mary Fridley


12:00-1:55             Sally and Tom (The American Way)     Directed by Gabrielle L. Kurlander 


James T. Callendar                     Sean Patrick Gibbons
James Madison                          Jacqueline Salit / David Nackman
Madison Hemings                       Brian D. Hills
Sally Hemings                            Ava Jenkins
Thomas Jefferson                       Adam Kemmerer 


2:00 p.m.               Mr. Hirsch Died Yesterday     Directed by Pam Lewis

Fred                                           Gary Benerofe
Gabrielle                                     Deborah Newman
Iris                                             Christina Roccos
Freda                                          Starshima Trent
Hoffy                                          Kenneth Hughes
Mr. Hirsch                                   George Holden
Sadie Greenberg                          Olivia Hartle
Esther Dubrow                             Kirsten Fulda


3:05 p.m.                OPEN READING:      Satchel – A Requiem for Racism  

4:20 p.m.                Newman songs        Directed by Pam Lewis

Performed by Kenneth Horgan, Pamela A. Lewis, Brigid Mitchel and Craig Niederberger


4:35 p.m.               Life Upon the Wicked Stage       Directed by Mary Fridley

Featuring patients, students and colleagues from the East Side Institute and Social Therapy Group: Lorraine Crooks, Joyce Dattner, Lisa Dombrow, Jessie Fields, Lauren Feiner, Ann Green, Chris Helm, Paul Hertel, Maureen Kelly, Gwen Lowenheim, Susan Massad, Melissa Meyer, J.B. Opdycke, Alice Rydel, Robin Sayetta, Lew Steinhart, Gloria Strickland, Pat Wagner, Michael Wilson, Baylah Wolfe, Jan Wootten


5:30 p.m.              Diary of a Mad Therapist     Directed by Cathy Rose Salit

Marian                                       Debbie Rabbai


5:55 p.m.              The Book of Comedy     Directed by David Nackman and Marian Rich

Featuring Allen Cox, Ellen Korner, David Nackman, J.B. Opdycke, Andy Parker, Marian Rich, Cathy Rose Salit 


6:30 p.m.               Yes, We have No Bananas…     Directed by Craig Pattison

Announcer/Gailee Gailee                     Katrina Ganpatt
Warm-Up/ Mr. Miranda                        Rommeka James
Sally McNally/Gretl von Stonborough    Bre’Anna Bell
Ludwig Wittgenstein                            Devin Balcacer
Gay Alter Ego                                    Sheldon Ojeda
Mrs. Bevan                                        Courtney Dixon
Bertrand Russell                                 Cleon Barrett
Adolph Hitler                                      Joseph Adkins
Carmen Miranda                                 Cadeia Badeshi


7:20 p.m.               What is to be Dead?     Directed by Marian Rich

Sam                                         Craig Bannister
Rivin                                         Howard Teich
Pearlie/Hinda                             Lenora Fulani
Sprintze/Mrs. Golub                   Marian Rich
Stage Directions                        Brenda Ratliff


8:40 p.m.                Billie & Malcolm: A Demonstration     Directed by Charles Weldon (Artistic Director, Negro Ensemble Company)

Pam Kansas                              Pamela A. Lewis
Old Man / Newscaster                Bernard J.Tarver
Billie Holiday                              Ava Jenkins
Malcolm X                                 David Blasher
Cop                                           David Woodrow
Walter Johnson                          John Rankin, III
Emmy Strait                              Sheryl Williams


9:55 p.m.                 THE END