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The Task

Written by Heiner Müller

Translated by Carl Webber

Music and lyrics by Fred Newman

Directed by Gabrielle L. Kurlander


January 22 - March 7, 2010 Held Over by Popular Demand!

The promise of revolution comes to Jamaica in 1799, as the timeless themes of love, loss and betrayal collide in a challenging play by acclaimed German avant-gardist Heiner Müller.

Castillo continues expanding the boundaries of political theatre as popular director Gabrielle L. Kurlander mounts the first-ever American production of Müller's The Task performed by an all-Black cast. With Fred Newman's avant-garde songs, Billy Taylor's gospel, R&B classics and rap, this is New York City experimental theatre at its best.

Cast: Peyton Coles, Keldrick Crowder, Chris Elian, Fulton Hodges, Ava Jenkins, Gabriella Lake, Sylenia Lewis, Kipp Lyle, John Rankin and Sheryl Williams


Design and Technical Team: Lonné Morreton (Choreography), Joseph Spirito (Set and Video Design), Emilie Charlotte (Costume Design), Antoinette “Tee” Tynes (Lighting Design), Michael Klein (Sound Design), David Belmont (Music Arranger), Michael Walsh (Musical Director), Lisa Oros (Stage Manager), and Jennifer Morales (Assistant Director)